A little bit about our history


Hello, we are Corrin and Phil Green and we’ve been happily in business together for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on a warm welcome, excellent hearty meals, and making every visit special. The Gather is our fourth family venture, and we are very excited to get started and to at last meet the locals after a very long lockdown!

Our First Venture

We started with a little cafe by day and wine bar by night, called ‘Silantro’. It had a very unique bathroom and the tiniest kitchen ever, but we mastered it!

We made many friends here and some fantastic memories.

Whilst managing The Pavilion, we converted a horsebox into ‘Green’s Garden Bar’. We used it on the forecourt for many live music events and also placed it at various local occasions.

Nom Nom

We then purchased a sandwich shop (another tiny kitchen), which we overhauled and turned into a very successful business. Our beautiful daughter Eve (then only 2 years old) called it ‘Nom Nom’.

Along side The Pavilion, we organised pop up Craft and Christmas markets. We were also involved with the St Annes annual Parade, The Music and Arts Festivals and various other community events. As you can probably tell, we are no strangers to hard work!


The Pavilion Café

We felt we had much more to give and so sold both businesses and purchased ‘The Pavilion’, set in the beautiful Ashton Gardens in St Annes on Sea. As you can see from the picture it was much larger than we were used too, and it had a real kitchen! We had several wonderful years here and more staff than we’ve ever managed.

Green’s Beans Mobile Coffee Van

After deciding to sell The Pavilion the pandemic hit, and as you have probably noticed we are not good at doing nothing hence another horsebox conversion. This time into a coffee van, which was regularly pitched in Lytham on the beautiful green.

After six months (and a fair bit of toing and froing to Tarbert) we packed everything up and here we are ready to make new friends and wonderful new memories!

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